The Home That I Live In

In a dwelling, dear and true,

Where memories paint each hue, I find solace,

love, and rest, Within the home that I am blessed.

Its walls embrace me, strong and sure,

A sanctuary, forever secure,

With every step, a story unfolds,

In rooms adorned with tales untold.

The threshold, a gateway to my dreams,

Where life’s symphony echoes in streams,

The door, a portal to embrace,

Welcoming warmth, love’s gentle grace.

The windows, like eyes, gaze outward,

Capturing sunlight, dreams, and the absurd,

They frame the world with gentle art,

Inviting nature’s wonders to impart.

The hearth, ablaze with warmth and light,

A beacon in the still of night, Around its fire,

kinship is found, With laughter,

love, and stories profound.

The kitchen, a haven of scents and tastes,

Where culinary journeys interlace,

The aroma of meals shared in delight,

Nourishing both body and soul’s flight.

In chambers adorned with dreams we sleep,

Where secrets whispered, tender and deep,

The bed, a refuge for weary souls,

Cocooned in dreams, where peace unfolds.

Each corner holds memories dear,

Laughter, tears, and love sincere, The walls,

they whisper stories past,

Eternal echoes in shadows cast.

Within these walls,

love’s tapestry we weave,

With every day, our hearts believe,

For home is not just brick and stone,

It’s the essence of the love we’ve known.

So, let this dwelling be a sacred place,

Where kindness blooms, and hearts embrace,

In the home that I live in, so dear,

Love’s sweet melody, forever near.

Within these walls,

my spirit soars,

A haven where my heart explores,

The beauty of life, the joy it brings,

In the home that is my everything.

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